RamaKrishna Mission Institute of Cultural Library in Kolkata

RamaKrishna Mission Institute of Cultural Library. It has a general collection of about 2,03,766 volumes, 5 rare articles, and 424 journals from India and abroad and is situated in Golpark, Kolkata. This library is owned by the Ramakrishna Mission Institute, however anyone can use it.


The hallmark of this location is its emphasis on “Indology,” the study of Indian history, culture, and values. It also offers rare volumes on Vivekananda, making it a popular destination for philosophical studies and mind-nourishing activities.


The General, Children’s, and Junior wings make up the library’s three sections. Along with all of these books, it contains a significant collection of musical recitals that have been recorded over time. If you want to have a peaceful, a calm evening with philosophical talks and lectures that will expand your thinking.

RamaKrishna Mission Institute

Address :

Timing: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm.

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