National Repository of Open Educational Resources


The Ministry of Education, Government of India, is the initiator of the National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER). It was established in 2013 with the goal of giving students, instructors, and anybody else with an interest in learning free and open access to excellent educational content.

A large array of digital instructional resources, such as interactive simulations, audio, video, textbooks, and photographs, are available from the NROER. The library offers a vast array of subjects, including languages, social sciences, and math and science.


Hindi, English, and several more Indian languages are among the languages in which the NROER’s resources are available. Anyone with an internet connection can access the library and browse the content by language, grade level, and subject.

The purpose of the NROER is to support the utilization of open educational resources and motivate educators and students to incorporate these materials into their lesson plans. 

By giving free access to excellent educational materials that are in line with the Indian curriculum, the program seeks to raise the standard of education in India.


The way we access and use information has changed significantly in the age of digitization, and digital libraries have become a vital and important resource. It’s now more easier than ever to access and retrieve information thanks to cutting-edge technology and lightning-fast internet connectivity.

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