British Council Library in Chennai

British Council Library in Chennai. Only members have access to this British Council library. Nevertheless, their collection is very amazing. Members have access to a variety of British media, such as journals, e-books, periodicals, and other printed materials. Around 20,000 physical books, 1,20,000 e-books and CDs, 15,000 journals, and more than 7000 movies are kept at the British Council library.


Additionally, the library regularly sponsors activities that patrons can attend, like movie screenings, book clubs, and book launches, to name a few. They have a number of membership options, including ones for people who just wish to browse their online catalog and for students. This library has beautiful original architecture and artistic reproductions all over the reading area.


Reading at the British Council is made more enjoyable by the splendor of the entire complex. Readers might get lost in their thoughts while reading because of the surroundings, which include lovely green lawns.

British Council Library


Timings : 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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