The National Diet Library 国立国会図書館 Japan

Japan’s national library, the National Diet Library 国立国会図書館(NDL, Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan), is one of the biggest in the world.
The only national library in Japan is the National Diet Library (Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan). 1948 saw the establishment of it.
The library’s mission is to support Diet of Japan members. The goals and breadth of the library are comparable to those of the US Library of Congress.
There are two primary locations for the National Diet Library. One is located in Kyoto, while the other in Tokyo. In Japan, there are numerous branch libraries as well.
At the National Diet Library in Japan, the Digital Collections are a veritable gold mine of uncommon and difficult-to-find resources. Approximately half a million materials are available for online viewing, and more than 2 million books, periodicals, rare books, and other old materials can be searched and browsed in the NDL’s Digital Collections by users at partner libraries that have subscribed to the Digitized Contents Transmission Service, like UCC Library.
The National Diet Library, Japan (NDL) offers the Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries, which enables public libraries that subscribe to the service to make digitized versions of out-of-print or otherwise hard-to-find materials available to the general public.

Staff members and students at UCC can:

Explore over 1.5 million digital resources from the NDL at no cost. 
Get access to a wide variety of magazines and vintage books that aren’t offered by the ILL service.
Access services without being limited by a mailing or lending period’s duration.
As stated in the list below, the service gives users access to around 1.5 million out-of-print books and other difficult-to-find publications that are not easily accessible online. The NDL Digital Collections contain over 2 million digitized materials, some of which are not generally accessible online, for staff and students at UCC to explore and peruse.
  • Books: A collection of books on disaster planning and mitigation that the NDL has accumulated since 1969 as well as some more current materials.
  • Periodicals: Works that were not commercial periodicals and were published at least five years ago, either during or after the Meiji period.
  • Doctoral Dissertations: These are doctoral theses that were not commercially available and were received by the NDL between FY1991 and FY 2000.
Access to the National Diet Library of Japan’s “Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries” is available to just eight Partner Libraries worldwide, including UCC Library.

Digital Collections

National Diet Library
Reference to legal mandate
National Diet Library Law
Tokyo, Kyoto
Items collected
books, journals, newspapers, electronic archives, manuscripts, official publications, doctoral dissertations, maps, sheet music
Criteria for collection
Publications issued in Japan, statutes and parliamentary documents, publications on Japan, reference material, material on science and technology, publications of international organizations and foreign governments, children’s literature and related material, Asian works
eighteen years of age or older for the Tokyo Main Library and the Kansai-kan
Population served
members of the Diet (722: fixed number as of Feb. 
2009) and the general public

Director : Mr. Yoshinaga Motonobu


Library Timings

Monday to Friday 9:30 am — 7pm , Saturday :9:30am –5pm, Sunday :Closed 
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