Invenio for library management system

Invenio library management system, An open source library management system called Inveio is developed for large-scale digital repositories. Circulation, cataloging, interlibrary loans, acquisitions, and other functions are also supported by the contemporary ILS, or Integrated Library System.


Inveio also includes storage systems, authentication systems, and repository APIs to assist you in developing your own application.

Features :

  • It is a free library management system that is subject to the MIT license.
  • This complete library administration system, which is open source, supports acquisitions, cataloging, and circulation.
  • It offers a robust back-office module with a contemporary user interface and APIs.
  • A toolbox for developing applications including data management systems, digital repositories, discovery methods, and enterprise search is also available.
  • Get reliable support for your storage systems, APIs, and authentication.

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