Excel Shortcuts That You Should Know in 2023

What is Microsoft Excel? 

Although many of you already know about Excel, let’s give a short introduction Microsoft Excel is an application developed by Microsoft that is used to record, analyses or visualize data.

Excel, a spread sheet application, was launched by Microsoft in 1985.

Data in Excel is in the form to rows and columns. Excel is commonly used to record, analyze data save the data, perform mathematical operations, and visualize structured data in charts, graphs. Finally, another great application of Excel helps to automate tasks through Excel Macros.

To quickly perform the above mentioned tasks, Excel has a set of shortcuts. Various operations can be accomplished with a few simple keyboard strokes. Let us dive deep into the Excel shortcuts that help us work better in the Excel spreadsheet.

Need for Excel Shortcuts

Excel supports keyboard shortcuts that help you work efficiently and increase productivity. Instead of accessing the toolbar with the mouse, two or three keystrokes are used to perform significant functions. Isn’t it easy and time saving? Using Excel shortcuts drastically increases speed and thus reduces work time. 

 Now the question is, should you remember these shortcuts, the answer is no. However, it would be an advantage if you remember some of them. With regular practice, you will be able to memorize common Excel shortcuts.

Now let’s take a look at the cheat sheet of Excel shortcuts that you should know while working in Microsoft Excel. In this article, we have categorized 51 Excel shortcuts based on their operations. First, we’ll look at workbook shortcut keys.

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Cell Formatting Shortcut Keys 

A cell in Excel contains all the data you are working with. A number of different shortcuts can be applied to a cell, such as editing a cell, aligning cell contents, adding a border to a cell, adding an outline to all selected cells, and more. 

Here’s a sneak peek of these Excel shortcuts.

To create a new workbookCtrl + N
To open an existing workbookCtrl + O
To save a workbook/spreadsheetCtrl + S
To close the current workbookCtrl + W
To close ExcelCtrl + F4
To move to the next sheetCtrl + PageDown
To move to the previous sheetCtrl + PageUp
To go to the Data tabAlt + A
To go to the View tabAlt + W
To go the Formula tabAlt + M
To edit a cellF2
To copy and paste cellsCtrl + C, Ctrl + V
To italicize and make the font boldCtrl + I, Ctrl + B
To center align cell contentsAlt + H + A + C
To fill colorAlt + H + H
To add a borderAlt + H + B
To remove outline borderCtrl + Shift + _
To add an outline to the select cellsCtrl + Shift + &
To move to the next cellTab
To move to the previous cellShift + Tab
To select all the cells on the rightCtrl + Shift + Right arrow
To select all the cells on the leftCtrl + Shift + Left Arrow
To select the column from the selected cell to the end of the tableCtrl + Shift + Down Arrow
To select all the cells above the selected cellCtrl + Shift + Up Arrow
To select all the cells below the selected cellCtrl + Shift + Down Arrow
To add a comment to a cellShift + F2
To delete a cell commentShift + F10 + D
To display find and replaceCtrl + H
To activate the filterCtrl + Shift + L Alt + Down Arrow
To insert the current dateCtrl + ;
To insert current timeCtrl + Shift + :
To insert a hyperlinkCtrl + k
To apply the currency formatCtrl + Shift + $
To apply the percent formatCtrl + Shift + %
To go to the “Tell me what you want to do” boxAlt + Q
To select the entire rowShift + Space
To select the entire columnCtrl + Space
To delete a columnAlt+H+D+C
To delete a rowShift + Space, Ctrl + -
To hide selected rowCtrl + 9
To unhide selected rowCtrl + Shift + 9
To hide a selected columnCtrl + 0
To unhide a selected columnCtrl + Shift + 0
To group rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Right arrow
To ungroup rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Left arrow
To group pivot table items Alt + Shift + Right arrow
To hide pivot table itemsCtrl + -
To create a pivot chart on the same sheetAlt + F1
To create a pivot chart on a new worksheetF11
To Evaluate formula box Alt+M+V
To Evaluate formula box Alt+M+V


Excel shortcuts continue to be an essential tool for efficient data manipulation and analysis in 2023. Mastering these shortcuts can significantly enhance productivity, saving valuable time and effort. By familiarizing oneself with commonly used shortcuts such as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+Z, users can quickly copy, paste, and undo actions.

Furthermore, advanced shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys, Ctrl+Home, and Ctrl+Page Up/Down facilitate seamless navigation and selection within large datasets. Excel’s wide range of keyboard shortcuts empowers users to perform complex tasks effortlessly, increasing overall productivity and proficiency. As technology advances, staying updated with the latest Excel shortcuts remains crucial for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in data-driven tasks.

Mastering Excel Basics: 10 Essential Tips for Spreadsheet Success

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