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Excel Shortcuts Excel supports keyboard shortcuts that help you work efficiently and increase productivity. Instead of accessing the toolbar with the mouse, two or three keystrokes are used to perform significant functions. Isn’t it easy and time saving? Using Excel shortcuts drastically increases speed and thus reduces work time.

Microsoft Excel


CTRL+O            Opens a workbook

CTRL+N            Create a new Workbook

CTRL+P              Displays the print dialog box

CTRL+S             Save the Workbook

CTRL+W          Closes the selected workbook

CTRL+F2          Displays print view

CTRL+F10        Maxmize /restore workbook

SHIFT+F11        Inserts a new Worksheet

F9                      Calculates the open workbook

F12                    Displays the Save As dialog box


CTRL+SHIFT+~            Applies general format

CTRL+SHIFT+$            Applies currency format with two decimal places

CTRL+SHIFT+%           Applies  perecentage format with no decimal places

CTRL+SHIFT+#             Applies date format  

CTRL+SHIFT +@          Applies time format

CTRL+SHIFT +!            Applies the Number format with decimal places,thousands separator

CTRL+ 1                            Displays the format cells box

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CTRL+~                    Toggles values and formulas

SHIF+F3                     Insert function dialog box

CTRL+F3                   Name manager box

ALT+M+V                    Evaluate formula box

ALT+A+Q                  Advances filter

ALT+A+O                 Excel options

CTRL+F1                   Displays or hides the Ribbon

CTRL+SHIF+U           Expand /collapse of the formula bar

CTRL+SHIF+L        Applies /removes filter


F8                                    Toggles extend mode 

CTRL+A                        Selects the entire worksheet (Press 3Times)
CTRL+SPACEBAR      Selects an entire column

 SHIFT+SPACEBAR      Select an entire row


CTRL+SHIFT+:            Enters the current time

CTRL+;                          Enters the current date

CTRL+C                       Copies the selected cells

CTRL+D                       Copies topmost cell of a range into the cells below

CTRL+R                     Copies leftmost cell of a range into cells to right

CTRL+F                      Find dialog box

CTRL+K                     Edit hyperlink

CTRL+T                     Create Table dialog box

CTRL+V                    Paste

CTRL+X                     Cuts the selected cells

CTRL+Z                     Undoes last action

SHIFT+F2                 Adds / edits comment

ALT+=                       Autosum 

ALT+F8                    Opens Macro Dialog box

ALT+F11                  Opens VB Editor

ALT+D+P                 Opens Pivot table wizard

ALT+A+M               Removes duplicates

ALT+A+E                 Text to columns Wizard

ALT+ENTER            Enters a new line

ALT+D+L                  Data Validation

CTRL+ALT+V         Paste Special Dialog box

 F4                              Generates absolute and relative references

F7                               Spell check


TAB                            Left cell to right cell

SHIFT+TAB             Right cell to left cell

CTRL+G or F5        Go to dialog box

CTRL+END            Moves to last used cell

CTRL+HOME        Moves to the first used cell

ALT+PAGE             Moves one screen to the right in a worksheet

CTRL+PAGE        Moves to the next sheet in a workbook         

ALT+PAGE UP     Moves  one screen to the left in a worksheet

CTRL+PAGE UP  Moves to the previous sheet in a workbook

CTRL+ARROW    Moves to the edge of the current data region


Excel shortcut keys help you build your reports and analysis faster and better. After reading this article, we hope you will find these hacks useful and you can easily master these shortcut keys by working in Excel regularly. Do you have any query related to this article? If so, please put it in the comments section of the article and our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Excel Shortcuts That You Should Know in 2023

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