Evergreen library management system

Evergreen Library Management System, The public catalog interface is part of the integrated library system known as Evergreen. Additionally, it aids in overseeing back-of-the-house library operations like circulation, check-ins, checkouts, the purchase of library materials, and more.

Additionally, the Evergreen library management system is GNU GPLv2 and higher licensed.

Features :

  • Its framework is open and scalable.
  • The circulation and cataloging modules of this free ILMS software include indexing, clarification, and collection features.
  • It offers the option of customizing cataloguing.
  • Online access to the public access catalog and a variety of payment methods are both provided by this free database management program.
  • Additionally, you are able to save the history of library resource circulation.
  • Members of the library have the option of self-registration and self-checkout.
  • This free library program features an effective search function.
  • Get thorough tracking capabilities for documents, payments, and more.
  • There are various tools for creating reports accessible. Utilize this free library management system to obtain personalized statistical information.

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