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Dream Studio is an AI image generator developed by Stability AI. It uses the Stable Diffusion model to create images from text prompts. Originally designed as a text-to-image maker, DreamStudio can now also generate images from existing images. The tool has limited editing features, so the key to getting the desired outcome is to use clear and specific prompts without being too overwhelming. Experiment with different prompts to unleash your creative potential and achieve the results you want.


DreamStudio was originally an AI text-to-image maker, but it can now create images from another image.The tool’s limited editing features mean that the prompts are your only source of creative power. You must experiment with the prompts and be clear about what you want without going overboard in order to attain the right outcome.


  • AI generator for text-to-image and image-to-image;
  • Many different styles to select from: Comic books, digital art, anime, photography, neon punk, analogue film, isometric, low poly, origami, line art, craft clay, cinematic, 3D model and pixel art;
  • Both inpainting and outpainting are editing choices.


  • You receive 25 credits upon signing up for a free trial, which you can use on three questions. DreamStudio’s generative powers can be tested with four image variations generated by each prompt;
  • In the most sophisticated plans, you can produce one to ten photos in response to each challenge;
  • There are various alternatives for aspect ratios;
  • You can instruct the programme on what components you want removed from your image by using negative suggestions.
Source of Image in dreamstudio

BenefitsThe editing choices are limited. Reliance on the prompt is required.

Excellent for: Storytellers, filmmakers wishing to develop storyboards, advertising firms, and creative designers and illustrators.

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