Top 15 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions of 2023!

Within a week of its launch, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which was introduced in November 2022, had more than 1 million users. Do you understand why its popularity increased so quickly, though? It does so due to its adaptability, intelligence, and capacity for human-like conversation. One of the first Artificial Intelligence( AI) technologies made accessible to the general public in an understandable manner. However, we’ll discuss ChatGPT Chrome extensions in this article so you can work more easily and comprehend AI’s power.

How ChatGPT Can Help You?

ChatGPT can respond to your inquiries and help you with a variety of tasks, including writing emails, blog posts, articles, summaries, meta descriptions, translating, classifying texts, elucidating concepts, writing codes, creating YouTube videos, tweets and their responses, and much more. One of the best ways to use ChatGPT’s AI model is through the Google Chrome extension.

Top 15 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

The top 15 ChatGPT Chrome extensions that will help you with your daily tasks by automating repetitive tasks will be covered in this article. They will also increase your productivity. So let’s get started!

1. ChatGPT Writer

The ChatGPT extension from OpenAI has been modified to specifically write emails. It generates a response using the information from your previous email in relation to your current email. You can quickly and professionally create emails or replies to your previous emails using this extension. This extension is helpful for producing message responses. The extension will automatically generate a response to your email if you simply enter the context of your conversion and the brief description of it.

2. WebChatGPT

The Chrome extension WebChatGPT is available. It has become a quick tool for finding pertinent data and information. On the Internet, it produces results from a variety of sources. It gives results with information that is more recent and accurate. It investigates different search engines to produce responses to the chatbot’s input prompts. WebChatGPT provides accurate, up-to-date answers to your questions about the most recent subjects.

3. Meta Descriptions

Having trouble coming up with interesting meta descriptions and titles. This extension for the GPT-3 Meta Description will be helpful. You can quickly create SEO titles and descriptions using this extension. This extension is used to create memorable and precise meta descriptions and titles. Simply providing the article’s most pertinent context results in an appealing and accurate meta-description.

4. Cruxe

An Artificial Intelligence( AI) text summarizer extension makes it simple to summarize your articles, blog posts, and other content. A Chrome extension called Cruxe enables you to condense your article into the desired number of words. You can quickly and easily summarize a particular section of the website using this powerful extension.

5. Summarize

You can quickly summarize the content on the chosen web page using the Google Chrome extension Summarize. This is very helpful if you only need a brief summary of the text and don’t need to read the entire article. When you need a succinct summary of the news, blogs, or research report, this is very helpful.

6. ChatGPT for Google

The ChatGPT for Google extension displays the chat results next to the search engine results. Results from ChatGPT and Google SERP( search engine results page) are combined and displayed in this extension. If you want to view the most recent Google search results and simple ChatGPT prompts, this extension is a fantastic tool.

7. ShareGPT

Another Chrome extension that lets you instantly share your ChatGPT conversations with the rest of the world is called ShareGPt. With the help of this extension, you can quickly share a screenshot of your ChatGPT conversation chatbots with others. This is a fantastic tool for sharing or saving important conversations for later use.

8. Fancy GPT

ShareGPT and fancyGT are nearly identical. However, FancyGPT, which enables you to share conversations in a fancy manner, is the only distinction between them. You can share conversations as links, images, PDFs, and text files using the ChatGPT Google Chrome extension. Additionally, you can share them on various platforms and add various colors to them.

9. Engage AI ChatGPT

One of the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions for creating insightful AI-powered comments is Engage AI ChatGCT. By automatically generating comments for posts on social media sites, you can scale your social selling and save a ton of time. On social media platforms, this extension is especially made for writing and posting comments.

10. ChatSonic

Another potent Chrome extension called ChatSonic is used to create a variety of text-based content, including press releases, full-length blog posts, social media captions, and much more. Additionally, it is very beneficial for creating emails, summarizing and responding to tweets, and producing Google SERP results. The developers of the ChatSonic extension also developed Writersonic, a well-known AI content-writing tool.

11. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

One of Chrome’s most practical extensions is ChatGPT Prompt Genius, which enables you to find, share, import, and utilize the best chatgt prompts. Numerous suggestions that cover a wide range of fields are included in this extension. Additionally, it saves the browser history of your ChatGPT conversations.


Another potent Chrome extension that aids SEO professionals in conducting keyword research and improving website ranking is Artificial Intelligence-Powered Research Assistant( AIPRM). You can produce accurate and more pertinent responses by using the extension. A list of carefully chosen prompt templates for SEO can be added with the aid of this extension.

13. Voice Control for ChatGPT

Are you sick of using lengthy text fields as ChatGPT search prompts? Try using voice control for the ChatGPT chrome extension, which is similar to the voice inputs on Google Voice and enables voice-based entry of commands. Using the ChatGPT extension’s voice control, you can speak in a voice-over-voice conversation.

14. Youtube Summary with ChatGPT

Another free Chrome extension that enables quick reading of a YouTube video’s summary is called YouTube Summary. When you watch the video on your desktop, a transcript and summary box show up on the screen. This extension enables you to save transcripts and summaries in your notes in addition to assisting you in quickly understanding what is happening in the video.

15. TweetGPT

A fantastic tool for tweeting and responding to tweets is the TweetGPT Google Chrome extension. You can generate tweets or respond to them using this extension without leaving the current page. It can produce tweets that are contentious and offensive in addition to effortlessly drafting them. Therefore, exercise caution when tweeting because it lacks human intelligence to make moral judgments.


“To err is human,” as the saying goes. Since only humans are capable of developing artificial intelligence( AI), there may be some flaws in the ChatGPT tool provided by OpenAI, and it’s likely that you won’t agree with the results. However, once more, one shouldn’t completely rely on this for their daily tasks; rather, it should only be used to generate ideas for work on.

Since you will be held accountable for posting it, we advise you to try regenerating another answer before making it available to the public because it may occasionally produce answers for your prompts that are contentious and unethical.

There are always advantages and disadvantages to everything, and ChatGPT offers many opportunities to improve our lives and save a ton of time. However, it is important to remember the drawbacks that come with using it. Make very wise use of this technological advancement! Please share your experience with us if you have already used one of the top 15 ChatGPT Google Chrome extensions. 



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